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Art Geo Music

For eight years, Brownout has established its own brand of funk. With the release of Oozy, the group is more than a throwback novelty.  This is the group’s third full-length album and debut on the Nat Geo Music label. Previously known as the alter-ego of Austin, Texas’ Latin ensemble, Grupo Fantasma, this album establishes Brownout’s own identity.

“Brownout has successfully avoided trends and musical movements for close to a decade now, choosing to take the music and sound in our own direction,” says guitarist Adrian Quesada. “Rather than trying to sound like a lost record from the 1970s, our analog sound is all our own - big, bombastic, and at times, psychedelic.”

There are influences of early Santana throughout, but the musicality is uniquely original and the group’s trademark dual guitars, percussion, ensemble vocals, and powerful horns are woven together for a cranked-up funk sound. One of the stand-out tracks, “What You Did,” featuring vocals from Sonia Moore and Sheree Smith, addresses the lousy treatment Brownout experienced at the hands of the Recording Academy last year when the group won its Grammy as Grupo Fantasma.

If you are a fan of funk, pick up or download Oozy. Witness the future of this genre.

Words by JCM