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Hailing from Washington Heights, Chris Alfinez is one of Latin music’s rising stars. Raised in both New York and Miami, Chris was exposed to a variety of different musical styles, thanks in part to his father. It is that exposure to “every style of music there is” that would go on to influence him as an artist. Having worked with artists such as George Lamond, La India, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez, Alfinez has already played for diverse audiences throughout the world, including Europe, Latin America, and the Far East. He is currently putting the final touches on his upcoming album, NAME OF ALBUM. “Soy Boriqua” is a soulful ode, not to just Alfinez’s roots, but also to the island herself. “We wanted it to be a new theme song for Puerto Rico and for Puerto Ricans. Give it a history, a little bit of pride, a little bit of soul to the song and I think we did that with the writers we had.” The end result is a song which is sure to become an anthem for years to come. This year, he will be featured on the main stage at the 116th Street Festival for the Puerto Rican Day Parade. “What I want people to come away with is to see me as a different type of artist. Not comparable to anyone else.” Alfinez is a true talent, carrying on the salsa tradition. “I refuse to believe that salsa is dead. It’s just taking on a new form.” And Chris Alfinez is at the forefront of the evolution.

Words by Evelisse Luciano