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Dear Urban Latino Readers,

Welcome to my nightlife column, Hangeando Con Mabel. This is where you’ll get all your information on the latest nightlife spots around NYC. From low-key hangouts to popular lounges, I’ll feature something for everyone. Check out my column every Thursday for your nightlife guide and if you have a place that you want me to visit let me know! Read below for my first post. Follow me on Twitter @Mabel_Martinez1 and Instagram: MabelMartinez_.


Afterwork Thursdays at Sofrito

Sofrito Restaurant has always been one of my favorite spots to dine and have a few cocktails.

At Sofrito’s you get a taste of authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and it’s absolutely delicioso! There’s always something happening every day of the week, like salsa dancing, Sunday brunch and now their Afterwork Thursdays.

Last week, I had the chance to check out their Thursday night and I had a blast. That night DJ Big Ben was playing all the hits as people sat by the bar with a few drinks and others in the dining room. Dyckman Beer Co. was in the building as well as the founder, Juan J. Camilo serving up samples for partygoers.

I’m not much of a beer drinker but I love the taste of Dyckman Beer. It’s a light and smooth beer that can be paired with about everything and you can even cook with it too. For that weekend, Camilo partnered with Sofrito and the Executive Chef, Ricardo Cardona for Dyckman Brew infused dishes. “Beer, food and culture is definitely part of Dyckman Beer Co.,” Camilo told ULM. “We don’t just want to push the beer and market it, we also want to show people [the] new things you can do with it and cooking is a big part of it.”

A few of the hors d’oeuvres on the menu was the beer battered chicharron de pollo ($10) and the fried shrimp ($13). Both were full of flavor and cooked to perfection with Dyckman Brew. “I’m not a beer drinker [but] I love this beer, its refreshing [and] goes well with seafood,” said Chef Ricardo Cardona. Another favorite of mine that wasn’t infused with beer was the tostones montaditos with skirt steak ($15). It was scrumptious and went well with the Sofrito sangria, ($10) the sangria was strong so sip it slow.

Afterwork Thursdays starts at 4:30pm and it’s perfect for a night out with coworkers and your friends. The food is amazing, the DJ has everyone on their feet and if you’re not in the mood for cocktails, order up Dyckman Brew. With those three things, I’m sure you’ll have a great time at Sofrito.

Sofrito, 400 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022, 212.754.5999212.754.5999 , www.sofritony.com





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