Featured Story - Ruben Diaz Jr., A Bronx Tale PDF Print E-mail
It was Howard Cosell who famously called out to the world, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Bronx is burning," during the 1977 New York Yankees World Series Game.
Featured Story - An Immigrant and an Anchor Baby Walk Into a Polling Place on November 2nd PDF Print E-mail

One of us is an immigrant, who was born in Honduras, moved to the U.S. at the age of 2, received her citizenship in 2008, and voted for the first time in a U.S. election the same year. And, one of us is the first person in his family to be born in the United States, and now over half of his family members are U.S. citizens.

Featured Story - Childhood Obesity America’s Imminent War on a Silent Yet Growing Epidemic PDF Print E-mail

“Right now we run the risk of losing our children- that is the bottom line.”
- John Govea, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Featured Story - Antioquía, Medellín PDF Print E-mail

Antioquía, Medellín, Colombia is a vibrant city, known for the warmth and friendliness of its “paisas” (a term used for people from the Andes region of Colombia), the year-round spring like weather and its’ gorgeous flowers and mountains.

Featured Story - Exodus Transitional Community: A place of hope and healing. PDF Print E-mail

As you climb the steep flight of stairs into the Exodus Transitional Community, leaving the street sounds of East Harlem behind, you are unsure of what’s behind the big white door. An organization that serves men and women who are formerly incarcerated conjures up images of a parole office with high windows, government tiles and uncomfortable metal folding chairs. But instead, as you cross the threshold into the reception area you are immersed in warmth.

Featured Story - The Copacabana's New Home PDF Print E-mail

The world-famous Copacabana, a mainstay of New York nightclubs, came to symbolize glamour and elegance.

Featured Story - The New Crossover Contender PDF Print E-mail

ULM: Hi! Is this Anthony or should I call you Romeo?
Romeo: It’s Romeo baby!

Featured Story - Diary of a Single Mother PDF Print E-mail

On May 30, 2009 I embarked on the most difficult, yet most wonderful journey I’ll ever experience in my whole life. I became a single mom.  I am now the proud mother to a 2 year old mini-wonder who consumes my entire existence and for whom I live every single day.


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