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Vanessa Montiel was born in Mexico and trained as an artist in California and London. She travels the world in pursuit of brilliant colors and shape inspirations and her sensibility draws from a variety of visual cultures. Her art works have been featured at Sothebys, The Courtauld of London, Rio de Janeiro’s Biennale and in national museums. Vanessa's jewelry collections are extremely special because she not only creates unique and beautiful jewelry, but every piece is eco-friendly. She refers to her business as "socially conscious" and a business that encourages independence for local women. Oprah is just one of Vanessa's many celebrity fans and has been spotted wearing a pair of her earrings on several occasions. GEM NYC, and the ULM family admires Vanessa for the powerful message behind her brand, and the Latino empowerment that she boasts with her accomplishements, contributions to society and current endeavors. For more information about Vanessa Montiel’s designs click here.

As a child growing up in Veracruz, Mexico, Issy Salomon would often use scraps from his mother’s hemming projects to create dresses for his niece’s dolls. Over the next decade, his hobby evolved into a focused commitment to the study of art and design. After graduating from high school, Issy moved to Miami, where he began to create necklaces using semi-precious stones. One morning in 2004, Issy impulsively decided to move to New York City; 3 days later, he found himself on a plane to Manhattan. During the flight, he became inspired by an article he read about a young woman who had started selling her jewelry on the streets of SoHo in downtown Manhattan. On the day of his arrival, Issy made his way to SoHo; the next day, he purchased a folding table and set up shop on Prince Street. He sold his first piece 3 hours later. And so his business was born. GEM NYC is very happy to hear that Issy Salomon continues to hone his talents in fashion design through both formal and informal training, and hopes to launch his first line of women’s ready-to-wear in the coming year. Issy’s preliminary collection is now being previewed at here.


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