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Carey’s wedding peacock flair will be green with envy when you show up wearing these glamorous heels by Martinez Valero!

These green satin “Carly” sandals feature a sophisticated rope twisted strap to highlight you’re new ballerina pedicure, a 3 3/4 inch covered stiletto heel, and an ankle strap with a hook-and-eye closure. No need to wear mascara with these babies (few looks will go beyond your ankles)! For more views and similar styles visit Martinez here.


Who says “Wing-Tips” are for Wall Street suckers? This new take on an age-old look in men’s shoes is a breath of fresh air for the Macho GemFashionista. For high-fashion European footwear without the high-fashion European price, consider Fratelli footwear. Made with the highest quality materials, Fratelli shoes deliver style, quality and comfort, all in one. For more views and similar styles visit the shoeshop here.


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