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On The Move

When Raul Midon was blinded as an infant after spending time in an incubator without adequate eye protection, it would have been easy to give in to his disability.

Being the son of an Argentinian father who was also a professional folkloric dancer, Midon instead went down a musical path. After years spent as an in-demand background vocalist for the likes of Shakira, Ricky Martin along with both Iglesias (Julio and Enrique), the New Mexico native has spent the past decade quietly carving out a musical niche that is a smorgasbord of different sounds ranging from soul, Brazilian bossa nova and jazz to folk and pop. This musical mosaic is fully represented on the aptly-named Synthesis, his third release. After having worked with the legendary late producer Arif Mardin, Midon went out to California and collaborated with Larry Klein, best known for his work with ex-wife Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones among others. The songs that emerged from these sessions are more character-driven, something the New Mexican native credits to Klein’s former life as a former session musician, not unlike Midon. “[With Larry being] a musician and having worked with great people, it seemed like a logical team,” explained Midon. “It also helps that Larry is very attentive to writing and very conscious of lyric writing, having worked with Joni Mitchell.”

Delivering his craft with a croon that veers somewhere between Donny Hathaway and Michael McDonald, Midon is not only an accomplished guitarist with a knack for mimicking trumpet accompaniment on many of his songs. Three records into his career, the tktkttkk resident is creatively restless and toying with the idea of writing orchestral music or something more theatrical. “I’m definitely looking at other ways [of making music] as opposed to the traditional make a record/tour the record kind of thing,” he explained. “I think in some ways, I’m coming into a different phase of the way I might want to think about my career because it’s all very much in flux with the record business. I’m not sure that it serves me completely well.” – Dave Gil de Rubio