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Locos Por Juana
Trabajo: Musical Group
El Barrio: Miami, Florida

The music may be hard to define, but its rhythm is infectious. The sound created by Locos Por Juana is reflective of the cultural blend of various Latin backgrounds found in heartbeat of Miami. The two-time Grammy nominated Latin fusion band primarily consists of vocalist, Itagui Correa, guitarist, Mark Kondrat, and drummer Javier Delgado. Locos Por Juana proudly incorporates sounds from their native Colombia, such as Cumbia and Champeta, with hip-hop, reggae, and current mainstream. The group’s music has been well received nationwide, as well as in Colombia, where it was nominated for Los Premios Shock and performed on national TV. Success, however, does not seem to have affected Locos Por Juana’s musical motivation. “As an artist, I don’t worry about money when I’m making my music. I worry about getting the message out. People wanting to hear our music inspires me to make music,” explained Mark Kondrat. Check out their fifth studio album, Somos De La Calle, due out this summer.

Words by Pamela C. Palacios


Trabajo: Musical Group
El Barrio: Miami, Florida

When you think of indie rock, your mind does not immediately conjure up the image of ecstatic, riled-up dancing like nobody’s watching. Nevertheless, Minimal’s playful electronic sound and powerful drumbeats will drive you to do just that. As the name suggests, the four-piece, Miami-based band uses a minimalistic approach by incorporating repetitive rhythms that throb rather than simply flow. The brand new album, “Antibalas Corazon,” contains six tracks mixed by Argentinian producer and multiple Grammy Award winner, Sebastian Krys, who has previously worked with artists such as Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, and Shakira, just to name a few.

With defiant lyrics and vocals, the punk roots from past albums have not been completely lost in the group’s transition into the indie rock scene. Even though the album does include the essential indie heartbreak element, it also focuses on the metaphor of an immigrant needing a bulletproof heart to fight the battles he will face in a foreign country, as well as the idea of breaking borders in order to strengthen and unify communities. Minimal succeeds in contributing to Rock Alternativo beyond its melodic synthesizers, creating a depth that resonates with the Latin American youth of today.

Words by Pamela C. Palacios


Luis Damon
Trabajo: Recording Artist
El Barrio: New York, NY

Born and raised in New York City, Luis Damon was exposed to music at an early age. Hailing from a musical family, his father was renowned guitarist, Luis Cruz. It wasn’t until Damon reached fifth grade that he discovered he had a knack and passion for music. At age 23, he signed his first solo deal, releasing “Time and Time Again,” and in 1996, he recorded his first Spanish language album, Solo. Rivera has released several albums since then. “I just love creativity. I love making something out of nothing. It’s a little bit of self-motivation and something that keeps me hungry.” Over the years, Damon has grown both creatively and as an artist, crafting music which not only holds meaning, but transcends time. He recently released, “Me Arrodillo,” his latest single and video, which hold great personal significance. With the melody in his head, “Me Arrodillo” began as an idea his wife (who also stars in the video) had suggested and Damon then took and turned into a haunting and emotionally charged ballad. A passion project, Damon never faltered in his vision for the video and it is that self assurance and involvement that is emblematic of Damon as an artist. Currently, he is working on his songwriting, collaborating with Obie Bermudez, and taking steps to reintroduce himself to the public. As Rivera continues to evolve as an artist, it is clear that this is a man for whom no introduction will be necessary.

Words by Evelisse Luciano