Advertising in Urban Latino Magazine

Urban Latino, the nationally distributed bi-monthly publication for today's Latino, offers competitive CPMs and special opportunities designed to assist you with your markerting goals. Whether you utilize the pages in the magazine, join our special events or partner with us on special projects, your brand is certain to see results.

To obtain our U.S. Latino Marketing Solutions 2013 document, please email your contact information to Jorge Cano-Moreno at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2013 Media Kit

Our 2013 Media Kit is now available as an Adobe Acrobat document (.pdf). You can download it from the link provided below. (Please note that you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view the media kit.)

Download Adobe Reader

2012 Media Kit - Download here

Ad Specifications

Full page 8.375 x 11.125
Spread 16.5 x 11.125
1/2 vertical 3.687 x 10.375
1/2 horizontal 7.625 x 5.062
1/3 vertical 2.375 x 10.375

Mechanical Specifications

Trim: 8.125 x 10.875

Trim Allowance: 1/16" Face, Head and Foot

Binding Process: Perfect Bound

Gutter Skive/Grind Off: Add 1/8" to gutter recto or verso

Live/Safety Area: 1/4" in from trim

Bleed: Add a minimum 1/8" all four sides (this includes the gutters on spreads as well)

Jogging Direction: To Foot

Printing: Computer to Plate-Web Offset

Net Binding Fee: $1,500 non-negotiable

Note: For Gatefold cover or any unit not listed above, please contact Urban Latino's Advertising Department for specs.

If necessary, you mail mail your ad materials to:

Jessica Ramirez
Attn: Advertising
10 Jay Street Ste 206
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Digital File Requirements


  1. Acceptable file formats:
    • QuarkXpress Mac version 4.0 or older
    • Illustrator Mac version 7.0 or older
    • PhotoShop Mac version 5.0 or older
    • Adobe Acrobat PDF files
  2. All high resolution contone data for images placed in the document, in any one format "a" through "c" listed above, must be sent on the disk.
    • Do not leave extra channels or layers in PhotoShop CMYK files.
    • Limit the number of nodes and/or points on clipping paths to a bare minimum to avoid clutter.
  3. All screen and printer fonts used must be on Zip disk. All fonts must be Adobe Type 1 or compatible.
  4. File must be accompanied by two (2) full color proofs.
  5. Files and images not meeting these requirements are subject to rejection or an additional expense.
    • Proofing: (2) full-color proofs must be supplied with disk. Acceptable proofs are: Iris, Kodak Approval, Canon Fiery, Matchprint or Chromalin.
    • Line screen/density: Maximum 150-line screen. Maximum density 280%
    • 2-color ads: Must be two (2) process colors only. Process colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. An ad containing more than 2 colors will be billed as a four-color ad.
    • Alignment: Perfect alignment of type or design across the gutter of two facing pages cannot be guaranteed.
    • Safety: Keep live matter 1/4" from all sides that trim.
    • Inserts: A mock sample or blueprint must be sent to Urban production for bindery approval prior to the insert being printed.